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‘Hello James, what brings you here?’ James was her boss at Tugwell Fargos and Company. It was a british derived company that owns about 60 buildin...s in the United States. Janet was working for one of them. He was in his late twenties and looked like the hot guy next door, who was unfortunately gay. But nevertheless, the British accent of James was very seductive to Janet’s ears. James smiled as he looked at Janet, her nipples were pointing out from her arousement while he saw her legs dripping. Everything is so different than high school, especially living away from home and not having you to confide in. But, what about you? How’s your school?’ ‘Like you say, it sure is different, and I miss not being able to talk to you every evening too. It takes some re-adjusting.’ ‘But, what about guys? Have you met anyone interesting ones?’ ‘Yeah, I’ve met one guy who’s very interesting, at least to me he is. His name is Frank Adams. He’s real good looking, not exactly a hunk ya understand, but. “You came without permission. Daddy is very…” I mumble deeply “...very upset with you.”She murmurs quietly almost a faint whisper “d-daddy I’m sorr-”I speak darkly.“Did I fucking tell you to speak? No, so shut the fuck up and listen to me for fucking once. Here’s what’s going to happen, daddy is going to fuck you like the little slut you are. Not like you deserve it, but daddy is really horny and has missed you all day. You are NOT allowed to cum, if I feel the slightest bit around my dick, you. ” I looked her up and down and said, “Darlin’ after that last go-round, I think you HAVE mastered it. She said thought I was right but there was one exception. I scrunched up my face and gave her a “what do you mean” look. Leanna got serious, squared up to me and said flatly, “Yes, love, I have mastered your dick, I’m sorry, MY dick, pretty well so far but there is one thing that I have never done with anyone and I want you to be the first, and probably only. Hon, I want you to take all of.
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